Hi and welcome to Brazilian chef.

I have started this blog to share my love of food and all the pleasures associated with it. Being Brazilian, food is at the heart of family life and social occasions. So food rates very highly in my day to day life, I cook every day from scratch and avoid processed foods.

I will try to keep the blog as informal as possible and even use my own pictures. What i would like to share with others is my love of food, my love of socializing with friends, my love of family life and the fact that some of the best moments in life happen around the table.

It all started because all we ever seemed to talk about was food, and getting together to eat with family and friends. The best times we have always seem to revolve around food. So one day my wife (Lisa) suggested i started a blog about food, she even though up the cool name.

So together with my younger brother (Anderson) we started putting the site together, myself (Andre) on the technical side of things , Anderson on graphics and design and both contributing on recipes and cooking.

The plan here is to get our followers involved, trying out the recipes and even suggesting new ones.

We will add reviews of various eateries in and around London, with as much content as possible.

The site will grow organically.   we hope you enjoy it too.

Brazilian chef

Meet the Brazilians behind the Brazilianchef.co.uk project


Anderson Queiroz

I’m foodie enthusiast who enjoys spending time in and out of the kitchen, cooking fresh food for friends and family. A typical bloke who takes charge of the grill during barbecue season, rain or shine 🙂 any excuse for a barbecue party.

Above all, a family man, blessed with a loving wife and fantastic children.


Andre Queiroz

My passion for Brazilian cuisine comes from growing up around people that could cook, and cook well. I praise my parents and grandparents culinary skills. We Brazilians love food and especially the social side of it, getting  together with friends and family, having a  few beers and eating great food. “In my opinion, some of the  best moments in life happen around the  kitchen table.”

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