Exciting news: 

For the second year we will be at The Good Life Experience, but this time we will be cooking up a feast. 15-16 and 17 of Sep 2017

Lucky festival goes can purchace tickets here: Book here.

Brazilian brothers Andre and Anderson Queiroz will cook up Brazil’s national dish with a caipirinha or two to go with it. There will be a small selection of Brazilian street food bits for starters including deep fried chicken dumplings and deep fried corn in white sauce dumplings. The main course will be Feijoada with all the trimming; black beans, pancetta, smoked pork ribs, pork belly, smoked sausages and rice with sauteed spring green, orange slices, farofa and tomato vinaigrette. 8-10pm


Stoke the campfires, the Brazilians are coming!

Latest news: the good life experience

A weekend of fun + discovery with music, books, food & the great outdoors – 16-17-18 September 2016

http://bit.ly/1ZSrC6k We are really looking forward to be at @TheGoodLifeExp 16th-18th Sep 2016 come and join us for our live demonstration!

The Brazilians cooking with Nigel Slater!

Nigel Slater: Eating Together
A new six part, TV series prime-time programme for BBC1.

We were invited to take part on “Eating Together” TV programme , where Nigel Slater (cook, author, The Observer food columnist, presenter, an all round cook superstar in my opinion)  goes on a tour to meet devoted home cooks across multicultural Britain to find out culinary secrets from across the world and how food brings everyone together.

eating together with nigel slaterWe are featured on episode 4 of the six part series, “Hotpots – Nigel Slater: Eating Together” BBC1, where we will be cooking Brazil’s national dish feijoada with Nigel Slater, we will also be sharing some of our experiences with Nigel, who and what influenced my brother and I to start cooking and of course there will also be plenty of caipirinhas!

Catch up with previous episodes on BBCi player, Hotpots episode.

New Magazine “Brasileiro”

Wow Brazilian Chef (Andre and Anderson) make it into a new Magazine “Brasileiro” available to download for free.

Editors Elliot McGrath & Matt Smith gave us the opportunity to feature on their New Alternative world cup magazine. We, at Brazilian chef were very happy to help out.

Get your FREE copy here we are on page 45 🙂


Here is a quick extract from the article…

The Queiroz (pronounced Kay-ros) brothers own the popular Brazilian food website www.brazilianchef.co.uk, a site that smothers itself in lashings of Brazilian recipes, gorgeous photography and crucial hints and tips on producing – as their tag line claims – “Delicious food for real foodies”. It’s not wrong.

As Andre explains, “the impact on Brazilian food will be that dishes that are unknown outside of our beautiful country will get a whole lot of exposure through visitors from around the world. This means, in the future you might see some Brazilian restaurants opening in your towns. A lot relies on the visitors, I hope they feel a bit adventurous and don’t just eat BigMacs!”

Brazilianchef voted one of the top 50 food blog in the UK 

Great Info-graphic Created by Raul Soto at http://www.rebateszone.com/
Currently at number 38 lets see if we can climb that chart.

Top 50 Food Blogs In UK
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