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Budget meals

budget meals

Brazilian Style Stroganoff

Brazilian Style Stroganoff I can still remember my mum cooking this dish, I still love it and I now cook it for my family . It’s one of those comfort foods and it does not take long to make it. … Continue Reading →

Healthy gluten free savoury tapioca pancakes

Tapioca, versatile ingredient, gluten free, rich in carbohydrates and very popular in Brazil. Tapioca is the name given to the starch extracted from the cassava root, a native plant from the north region of Brazil, now widely available worldwide thanks to the… Continue Reading →

Healthy acai milkshake smoothie for breakfast

There is nothing better than a delicious acai and banana smoothie accompanied by freshly made pancakes, yoghurt, sliced banana, honey and granola for breakfast. A healthy breakfast filled with antioxidants to kick start your day! The recipe is very simple and will… Continue Reading →

Shredded dried beef Bahian style

Carne de sol desfiada (Shredded dried beef), prepared in the Bahian way. Dried salty beef is very popular all over Brazil, especially in the northeaster region of the country. This recipe will show you how to cook a very simple… Continue Reading →

Melting Pork Ribs

Melt in your mouth pork ribs recipe, the simple Brazilian way of doing it!     Serving options. You may serve it with plain rice, and tomato salad.  

Mum’s Chicken soup (Pirao de Galinha)

  Very simple and quick recipe to make, it will comfortably serve a family of 4 and make you feel good. Pirao de galinha is rich in flavour and packs a punch that will almost instantly bring you back on your feet!… Continue Reading →

Roast chicken with orange sauce – Frango assado ao molho de laranja

  Extremely easy to prepare, practical and delicious. This recipe is very simple and the end result will leave all your guests asking for more! In Brazil, I have seen and tried many variations of this dish and the end result… Continue Reading →

Gluten free savory biscuits

  This recipe is very simple, even the kids can help prepare. One of my favorites as a child and always a favorite snack for any time of the day. I remember my grandmother preparing these when I was visiting,… Continue Reading →

Simple Salad

  This salad is very common in Brazil and probably most places around the world. We would serve this with most meals, but it goes specially well with BBQ. Serving tips: Chicken with rice Picanha BBQ Chicken Heart Rice

Bolinho de arroz – rice cakes

  Traditional rice cakes 😉 . This recipe is so simple to prepare and also a great party snack too… I hope you like as much as we do 🙂  

Grandma pancake rolls (panqueca de carne)

  This is one of my Grandma recipes, and we love it… its simple and delicious. and if you fancy something new on pancake day, keep reading.

Condensed Milk Pudding

  Though it was about time we did a dessert dish… This is my all time favorite, I don’t make it a lot, because i would eat the whole thing and nothing in excess is a good thing. But every… Continue Reading →

OxTail and Cassava (Rabada)

  Delicious, warm comforting dish, that will taste amazing every time. My aunt Jane makes an amazing Oxtail stew, so she was my inspiration for this dish. Hope you guys enjoy it. It is advisable to use a pressure cooker… Continue Reading →

Bacalhau cakes – Salted Cod fish cakes

  This recipe will make approximately 15 small fish cakes. It is delicious and very easy to prepare. Goes well with any dish as a starter.

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