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Brazilian Style Stroganoff

Brazilian Style Stroganoff I can still remember my mum cooking this dish, I still love it and I now cook it for my family . It’s one of those comfort foods and it does not take long to make it. … Continue Reading →

Easy gluten free Cheese bread (Pao de Queijo)

Easy gluten free Cheese bread (Pao de Queijo) I was in the mood for some Pao de Queijo the other day but didn’t want to spent too much time making them, so I came across a simple recipe and I… Continue Reading →

Catupiry – Brazilian famous cream cheese

Catupiry is one of the most popular cheese spreads, creamy cheese in Brazil. If you have been to Brazil chances are you have come across many culinary dishes with catupiry cheese in it. One of the most famous catupiry dish… Continue Reading →

Healthy gluten free savoury tapioca pancakes

Tapioca, versatile ingredient, gluten free, rich in carbohydrates and very popular in Brazil. Tapioca is the name given to the starch extracted from the cassava root, a native plant from the north region of Brazil, now widely available worldwide thanks to the… Continue Reading →

Chicken pie (Empadinhas)

Some one asked me the other day if Brazilians made pies… Yes we do!!! This is a good one too as you can get creative with the fillings. According to the empadinha dates back to medieval times and were… Continue Reading →

Brazilian chef in the Media

Sticky post

Exciting news:  For the second year we will be at The Good Life Experience, but this time we will be cooking up a feast. 15-16 and 17 of Sep 2017 Lucky festival goes can purchace tickets here: Book here. SATURDAY NIGHT… Continue Reading →

Healthy acai milkshake smoothie for breakfast

There is nothing better than a delicious acai and banana smoothie accompanied by freshly made pancakes, yoghurt, sliced banana, honey and granola for breakfast. A healthy breakfast filled with antioxidants to kick start your day! The recipe is very simple and will… Continue Reading →

Shredded dried beef Bahian style

Carne de sol desfiada (Shredded dried beef), prepared in the Bahian way. Dried salty beef is very popular all over Brazil, especially in the northeaster region of the country. This recipe will show you how to cook a very simple… Continue Reading →

Acai watermelon and coconut sugar free ice cream

With summer fast approaching, we have some refreshing recipes to help cool us down during those hot summer days. Today we are making an acai and watermelon ice cream using full fat coconut milk as the ice cream base with… Continue Reading →


Broinhas are another one of my mums breakfast specials. It is typical of my region in Brazil (Minas Gerais). Its like a sweet corn flour based little cakes, they go really well with a cup of coffee.

Pulled Short Ribs

  This is a recipe I just came across, my Step mum sent it to me. Thank you Leda!!! Delicious and easy to make pulled short ribs, for this recipe we will be using a pressure cooker.   Serving options…. Continue Reading →

Gluten free savory biscuits

  This recipe is very simple, even the kids can help prepare. One of my favorites as a child and always a favorite snack for any time of the day. I remember my grandmother preparing these when I was visiting,… Continue Reading →

New Magazine “Brasileiro”

  Wow Brazilian Chef (Andre and Anderson) make it into a new Magazine “Brasileiro”. Editors Elliot McGrath & Matt Smith gave us the opportunity to feature on their New Alternative world cup magazine. We, at Brazilian chef were very happy to… Continue Reading →

Mum Chicken Pizza Pie

  Confused by the name? Well, back home we call this Pizzas, but to our followers it will be more like a pizza pie. My mum makes this, she came to London all the way from Brazil to visit and… Continue Reading →

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