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Easy gluten free Cheese bread (Pao de Queijo)

Easy gluten free Cheese bread (Pao de Queijo) I was in the mood for some Pao de Queijo the other day but didn’t want to spent too much time making them, so I came across a simple recipe and I… Continue Reading →

Coconut delight – Cocada

Bringing nostalgic childhood memories back on the table and giving my sweet tooth a little treat in the process. Here is a modified / healthy take on a popular traditional Brazilian coconut comfort sweet treat, doce de cocada.

Pizza de Frango ao catupiry – Chicken with cream cheese

Pizza de frango ao catupiry, the most famous traditional pizza in Brazil. Frango ao catupiry is a tasty mix of tomato sauce, juicy shredded chicken breast and catupiry cream cheese. You can find the catupiry recipe on our site, it… Continue Reading →

Chicken pie (Empadinhas)

Some one asked me the other day if Brazilians made pies… Yes we do!!! This is a good one too as you can get creative with the fillings. According to the empadinha dates back to medieval times and were… Continue Reading →

Acaraje with Vatapa, Caruru, tomatoes and Prawns

  Acaraje, is a very popular dish in Bahia, people go mad about it. This dish comes from Africa originally, but it found a home in Brazil. Sold as a street food on the streets of Salvador, Pernambuco, Recife and… Continue Reading →

Frango a Passarinho (Brazilian fried chicken)

  Typical tapas style food that you would order at a bar and various other social locations in Brazil, usually served as sharing platter while drinking with friends. Frango a passarinho is the Brazilian answer to crispy fried chicken, crunchy… Continue Reading →

Pastel de queijo- Brazilian salty snack

  Info: For ages I have been wanting to prepare these salty snacks, I grew up eating pastel de queijo in Brazil and it is very common so see a group of friends sitting in a Brazilian Bar or in… Continue Reading →

Bacalhau cakes – Salted Cod fish cakes

  This recipe will make approximately 15 small fish cakes. It is delicious and very easy to prepare. Goes well with any dish as a starter.

Cassava Chips

  This is yet another of my favourite recipes, its an alternative to normal chips, this are super crunchy and cassava chips they go really well with very cold beer.

Brazilian street food, coxinhas (co-she-nia)

  This one has to go on top of my all time most favourite Brazilian street food recipes. I could eat this by the bucket full. I guess nostalgic memories of my childhood contribute to the fact that i just… Continue Reading →

Kibbeh (Quibe)

  This is an old recipe that i grew up with, you might not associate it with Brazil, but we do have a large middle eastern influence in certain parts of the country. My mum and grandmothers use to make… Continue Reading →

Pao de Queijo (Gluten free Brazilian cheese bread)

  This recipe is one of my favorites and always a hit with family and friends. Love it for breakfast or any time of the day with a nice cup of black coffee hmmm. It goes without saying that my… Continue Reading →

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