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Sweet treats

Sweet treats for the whole family.

Coconut delight – Cocada

Bringing nostalgic childhood memories back on the table and giving my sweet tooth a little treat in the process. Here is a modified / healthy take on a popular traditional Brazilian coconut comfort sweet treat, doce de cocada.

Sugar free ice lolly – picole de frutas

What’s the best way to cool down on a hot summer’s day? ICE LOLLIES! Here is a great simple and healthy recipe for seasonal ripe fruit Ice lollies. The reason I choose seasonal fruits is simply due to their natural… Continue Reading →

Acai watermelon and coconut sugar free ice cream

With summer fast approaching, we have some refreshing recipes to help cool us down during those hot summer days. Today we are making an acai and watermelon ice cream using full fat coconut milk as the ice cream base with… Continue Reading →

Caramelized cheese dessert / Ameixinha de queijo

Mum’s favourite sweet treat and a must have recipe. This is the first time I made it myself, very simple and a real treat! But first, I had to watch the master prepare it in front of me so I… Continue Reading →

Passion Fruit Mousse

Simple classic Brazilian dessert recipe, refreshingly good!  

Sweet Corn Ice Cream

  Some of you might think we have gone mad, but no, sweet corn is a very popular ice cream flavour in my region of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Try something different you will enjoy it. I had to adapt… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Truffle (Brigadeiro)

  This recipe is one of the most famous chocolate truffle recipes in the whole of Brazil. Always a favorite and a must have for birthday parties and or special occasions in Brazil, equally liked amongst children and adults. I… Continue Reading →

Gluten free Corn Cake

  Got this recipe from a friend over the weekend, while having a BBQ on a very windy and cold day at 8:00pm, we suffered a bit, but it was well worth the work. My grandmother used to make this… Continue Reading →

Condensed Milk Pudding

  Though it was about time we did a dessert dish… This is my all time favorite, I don’t make it a lot, because i would eat the whole thing and nothing in excess is a good thing. But every… Continue Reading →

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