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Healthy acai milkshake smoothie for breakfast

There is nothing better than a delicious acai and banana smoothie accompanied by freshly made pancakes, yoghurt, sliced banana, honey and granola for breakfast. A healthy breakfast filled with antioxidants to kick start your day! The recipe is very simple and will… Continue Reading →

Delicious Healthy Papaya Smoothie

  Growing up in Brazil, surrounded by tropical fruits, one is spoiled with fresh natural juices and smoothies. The papaya smoothie is one of my favourites smoothies, it is not only delicious it also contains abundant health benefits to keep… Continue Reading →

Avocado super smoothie

  One of my favourites pick me up smoothies, I grew up drinking this healthy shake as far back as I can remember. First I would like to make it clear that the avocado is a fruit and not a vegetable… Continue Reading →


  Ok, here is the ultimate home made caipirinha recipe. This is how I make it at home, more like a family recipe as we all prepare it the same way over here 🙂 Do be careful, it’s very easy… Continue Reading →

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