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Our First post has been sent in by Hamed.

He tried out the “Picanha”.

According to Hamed the Picanha was “delicious, tender and yummy”, he tried both the 60 day hung one and the fresh one, he said it can not be compared the hung Picanha is unique. But both were amazing in their on way.

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Another one of our Followers on G+ Misa

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cakeSaid:Brazilian Chef ‘s Corn cake.
In Venezuela, where my hubby originally came from, they also eat corn cakes. Since he saw the corn cake picture of +Brazilian Chef posted here, he has nagged me all time.
Thanks to +Brazilian Chef the recipe was so simple to follow, no way to go wrong. Only one tip: better to add the milk at the end so you can clear out all sugar and corn flour from the tin.
The cake was nice in warm and cold both, naturally sweet from corn. It was looking rough but actually moisture and smooth. It is just between cake and bread to me. Perfect for my breakfast, Thanks Brazilian Chef!”